Our brand is all about embracing the boundless potential that seeds represent.
Semillas means seeds- symbolizing endless possibilities within ourselves.



With our hotel management background, we came to the understanding what matters most in hospitality is having a conformable place to rest, have good nutrition for your body, feel safety in the property, and attentive care. Our goal is to provide these essentials to our guests.



Nature, trees, and animals hold a special place in our hearts. We’ve created spaces that respect the environment, where properties, nature, and animals coexist harmoniously. To encourage local exploration, we offer breakfast and encourage guests to try local eateries. We skip TVs and pools, encouraging guests to connect with each other and the natural world Riviera Maya has to offer.

Through Arboles La Semilla, Alexis partners with with the purpose planting trees to give back to nature. Local animals are treated with care and respect in our properties.


Expanding Awareness with Zemillas Hospitality

We envision a special place where guests can expand their understanding of themselves. Zemillas Hospitality offers eye-opening sessions, helping guests explore human nature and their inner systems.

Our aim is to inspire possibilities, harmony, and balance. Guests leave empowered, carrying their newfound knowledge into their lives.

We’re excited about what we’ve achieved and are diving deeper into Zemillas Hospitality. We’re confident it will nurture consciousness and human awareness for our guests.

We warmly invite you to join us, embark on exciting adventures, and immerse yourself in nature and culture.


It is all about you, going deeper and stronger with your own amazing unique you. Zemillas Hospitality is about sharing Human Awareness.

As an Innerland Coach from the Innerland Institute in Canada, I have learned the methodologies of IBC™ (Inquiry-Based Coaching) and Parts Work to create and expand inner peace and healing.

At Hotel La Semilla we offer complementary one-hour sessions for our guest. The goal is to provide a space where guests can expand their knowledge and understanding of themselves.

The sessions are designed to awaken curiosity and guide guests on a journey of self- discovery. Our aim is to help guests explore their own human nature and find inner growth and healing.

My name is Angie Rodriguez Labastida.

My personal journey of curiosity about human nature has been ongoing for as long as I can remember. I’ve focused on observing human behavior, always daring to ask about the experiences people are going through. This path involves connecting with my inner self, listening carefully, and immersing myself in various studies such as methodologies, energy systems, sacred languages, and religions. I’ve read numerous books to gain guidance and knowledge on how to navigate life consciously, embracing both the joyful moments and the challenges of inner emotions and pain. Along the way, I’ve learned and incorporated tools like the Enneagram, astrology, and pranic healing to expand my inner self and heal my human nature through understanding and acceptance.

In 2022, I became an Innerland Coach at the Innerland Institute in British Columbia, Canada. Here, I practice the Innerland Methodology with the main goal of creating a space of inner peace, healing, and spaciousness.


Breathe deeply, and imagine, for a timeless breath, the rapid stride of the rabbit slowing, harmonizing with the deliberate rhythm of a turtle walking. As you journey within connect with your breathing and feel your heart beats slow down and balance with your breathing. When we have a calm mind, heart, and body we can listen to our system deeper.


Enter the realm of IBC, where the ancient art of Inquiry-Based Coaching™ illuminates our path like luminous constellations guiding seekers through the cosmos of profound wisdom.

Have you ever found yourself reflecting the image of a mouse spinning on the wheel over and over?

Does your heart yearn to transcend repetitive cycles and transform all those internal cages and be able connect with the endless space of possibilities with in?

Inquiry-Based Coaching™ are open questions, also can be seen as applied philosophy.

The main activity of the ancient philosophers was to find those amazing questions that can open parts of our inner systema and go beyond than what is always available.

Almost every time we have an experience the interpretations of how or what happened is very limited. It’s very difficult to see through a 360 angle when life situations are at hand.

Powerful questions can open our inner systems survival mechanisms and amplify perception creating new possibilities and growth.


In the theater of emotions, have you conversed with each sentiment that dances upon the stage of your inner system.

Time and welcomeness are a gift that we can give to all our emotions. Through the IBC process feelings are very important to recognize.

We create a safe space for the inner system and feelings appear, recognizing the sense of awareness at hand given to them.


Inside ourselves, there are many different parts, almost like different versions of us.

The key is to understand that every part within us needs to be recognized and heard in our internal system. An interesting fact in is this process is we don’t need external validation or someone external to get in contact with all parts in the system, the main character is you. They truly and only need you.

Our inner system is made up of various elements, each contributing uniquely. Parts work is a methodology that is based in creating space internally, allow the connection within and then approach with curiosity. Our life experiences have shaped us into who we are today, with many parts working together in harmony. These parts offer insights that stem from a foundation of self-love and care.

Embracing Every Part
It’s crucial to accept all the different parts of ourselves to achieve inner balance. By engaging with these different parts, we develop the ability to acknowledge, observe, and appreciate each one. This practice fosters an environment of self-appreciation and love, recognizing the role each part has played in shaping our journey.


Have you ever taken the time to truly connect with the delicate and sacred part deep within your inner self?

Inside each of us, there exists an innocent and beautiful inner child that has been with us throughout our life.

By creating a secure space within ourselves through curiosity, inquire and parts work, we can achieve inner harmony. This encourages the protective parts of our being to trust, allowing the more vulnerable parts to grow, evolve, and transform.

This internal shift leads us to become more loving and harmonious individuals as we update and align our inner system.


As part of our Zemillas Hospitality events we host an annual retreat at our sister property Villa La Semilla.

You can see all the information here or on Instagram @zemillas_hospitality