Inquiry based coaching™ (IBC)

IBC™ created by Innerland Institute Canada is an extraordinarily powerful method of self-knowledge for self-transformation, that helps to identify and transform obstacles into opportunities.

It’s also a deep and personal practice that can dissolve old ways of thinking that stand in the way of your best potential. Then it guides you through a process in which you experience your life without those obstacles, being able to visualize a new opportunity in you life.



We have learned certain patterns and behaviors, either by example or some which are self-taught. These patterns have helped us survive our daily life and has become our way of dealing with our present experiences. These learned concepts can be corrupt and keep us trapped in a circle which is hard to get out of. This creates some unhappiness and even when we decide to be better and change expecting a different result, we continue to think and react the same way. It can be a tough habit to break.

There is a way to find out why we view our troubles in the way that we do. The answers are within each one of us. We carry the code of our own healing, freedom and happiness.

With Inquiry Based Coaching™, the coach can lead you to the path of how to release these ways of thinking that lead us to react to life and it’s situations in a certain way.

The brain has

two Hemispheres

The left side of the brain is specially design to interpret what it sees, feels, hears or understands - the facts.

You most likely have an incorrect interpretation or a half Interpretation of the facts which are viewed through the filter of your own mental patterns and believes.

To manage life through a shaded view creates great suffering. You have lived your life in this way innocently and you are now wanting a different experience.

IBC™ helps the amygdala reactive mind relax to activate the frontal blood cells and see NEW POSSIBILITIES that lead to freedom and inner peace.


We are beings

that feel

Feelings connect with five principal feelings: Joy, Fear, Sadness, Disgust and Anger. We can easily tolerate those feelings if they are viewed with an easy light and fun perception. There are more difficult feelings to accept or feel because it involves much more energy. Most of these are subconsciously associated with a bad memory and can trigger past pain. We do everything to avoid them.

IBC™ will help you open to all the associated feelings, learn to feel them, welcome them, accept them, listen to them and slowly begin to release these concepts in order to enjoy freedom and peace. Little by little you will begin to feel calmer and ease into accepting the uncomfortable feelings we keep avoiding. The answers come out when you give yourself this space.


We have created a complete series of identifications, and most likely we are not aware of all of them. We might not even see who or what is behind all these things we identify with.

IBC™ applies a series of questions and exercises that will take you to your own mental Movie Theater and allow you to view them consciously.

Only the fastest will win...

We have a tendency be quick in answering back, to be the first to react we believe somehow that allows us to have the upper hand in any situation or discussion.

Sometimes in order to truly know your true response to any situation, you need to have a moment where you can create the space and connect calmly with yourself, in real alignment with yourself, in order to truly know the answer or how to respond.

IBC™ creates this space/moment through the process of inquiry in order to reach a deeper connection. To be an observer of mental patters as they react to a situation, and slowly the circle (or pattern) begins to disappear.


You can also connect and find your inner child. There is a version of you and when it dissolves you can see new possibilities to welcome all your inner children creating a deep connection that you become your best company.


Nobody knows you, like yourself


After a long path of learning human behavior through studies and different teachers, the IBC™ Innerland Institute has made me connect with myself like I have only felt maybe once or twice in my life.

All questions were answered by no one else than myself. I was the one having the insights. I was a guided by Pedro Cortina and Tania Amarro who founded the Innerland Institute in order to dialogue with myself.

It was only there and then that I decided that this was an important realization and that I had to become an expert in applying this simple technique to myself and others. To connect to oneself and help others to find their true inner connection that will later free them from suffering. Freedom from the veiled truth, freedom from our untrue perceptions.

During the inquiry you will be asked how much this problem is affecting your daily life on a scale from 0 to 10. Problems that at the beginning of the inquiry process start at 10 and will slowly decrease until it will eventually become a 0. The mental pattern will vanish and disappear. It is in this space that a NEW POSSIBILTY has been created. Simple and amazing.



Through my life I have suffered from rejection, abandonment, humiliation, injustice and treason. Maybe some of these sounds familiar to you. During my many stages of suffering or what I would call a normal day in my life, I was curious to discover other ways of feeling and living. This could not be how God intended us to go through life. In my search I went deep into many courses and authors. Here is a list of the education I went through in order to find some answers and a freedom from daily discontent.

Enneagrama Mexico City (Andrea Vargas) 2000

Shiatsu in Ojen Spain (Escuela Europea de Shiatsu) 2007

Pranic Healing in Mexico (Institute for Inner Studies Inc.) 2014

Doma de Caballos (Martin Ochoteco) 2018

Couse in Miracles (Ambar) 2019 

Innerland Coach (Innerland Institute) 2021

I am currently studying Inquiry Based Coaching™ at Innerland Institute Canada 2019 and continue to be certified by Innerland Coach for IBC (Inquiery Based Coaching) until 2021.

It has become a high priority for me to continue my search and to focus on my own evolution and spiritual growth. As a human being it has been very important to me to heal and experience freedom in order to connect with my infinite being.

Secondly, I would like to share all that I have learned with others. Sharing this passion and helping others, are two of my biggest passions. You will find that it is easy and effortless.

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Inquiry Based Coaching Sessions

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Inquiry Based Coaching™


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